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  • "I am not a reviewer, like EVER, but I had to jump on here to let know about this place! It is small, and humble, obviously family owned, but their customer care is phenomenal! They took my cat, after his own vet didn't have an opening available to see him! He was hours away from possibly passing away! Not only did they let me come in at that moment, they took time to explain things to me and followed up with me numerous times to check on his stability. They ordered prescription food for my fur baby and knowing how hectic my work schedule is, actually personally dropped his food at my work place! There is something to be said about human decency and just honest to god kindness! I will now be bringing all of my fur babies there in the future!!!"
    Heidi M
  • "I was very surprised of how affordable this place was. When ever on google i put vets near me or veterinarian near me, this place wouldnt show up. A friend told me about this clinic. I called them about my baby a few day ago and they would actually follow up with me. was very happy about the service. 11/10."
    jonathan demaree
  • "Very nice friendly staff. Nice affordable coupon for your pet."
    Sharita H.
  • "I cannot be more thankful for this vet and his staff they were so kind and great to me and my cat he had a bladder blockage and another vet had us waiting 2 hours with no answer and an estimate of thousands of dollars which we just did not have, I called this vet they gave me a price of way less took him in and EVERYTHING was done in less than an hour for an extremely reasonable price better than anywhere else I had called to, my cat is now feeling better and they were so friendly and helpful I can't even believe it! I had to take my one year old son with me … the staff at animal care clinic were so great to ALL of us!!! They have even called me back after to check up on Clancy and make sure to answer all my questions and give advice of what to do and what to look for if anything was going wrong again! I just cannot thank them enough. don't bother going to any other vet this one is literally the best and has the best prices!!I'll be taking clancey back to be fixed and anything else!!"
    Devin E
  • "Helped me with kitten . thank you. she is beautiful now.
    Will go back to them if I need animal care❤👍"
  • "great place with amazing prices and staff. definitely will be coming back for an other appointment. I have gone through 3 different veterinary clinics and this one is by far the best in terms of price and service. At least $40-$50 cheaper than the other places i have been to. Bravo, keep up the good work."
    Liam B.
  • "They are great!
    I used to use VCA hospital, but due to some emergency condition I discovered their excellent service.
    I was so worried about my little pup after I accidentally stepped over her paw. The doctor diagnosed it as a trauma and did not overcharged me for useless radiography and stuff like other vets."
    Mehdi M
  • "I took my 10 year old cocker spaniel in for her yearly exam and because she had a tumor growing on her neck. The staff here is amazing!!! We scheduled the surgery and I was nervous but when I called to see how she was, I was told almost done and i'd get a call back, which I did within 30 minutes. They made me feel assured everything was fine and I could pick her up at 4p.m. I loved the fact that she wasn't in a cage, they had been just letting her follow them around in the back. Our experience was absolutely awesome!!!"
    Jennifer B.
  • "The doctor & family are very compassionate they treat you like family thy are the best!
    Thy go way beyond the cAll of duty! Xoxox
    Thanks for being there!"
    Val S.
  • "I have to say, one of the friendliest people i have ever met. My puppy was not feeling well and they were about to leave the clinic, however they reopened the clinic and treated my dog until he was feeling better. we were very happy and could not believe the low prices compared to other vet clinics. i think they are the only clinic that cares so much about our pets and barely give any attention to money. recommending this place for sure.100%"
  • "this place deserves way more credit. Amazing service, wonderful receptionist and always helpful and positive. Could not believe the prices, anywhere else i went they charged me way more, and only had to pay once for a doctor visit. Brought my dog here a couple of days ago, loved it"
  • "Very Nice and friendly People!!! Excellent Prices!!! Definitely coming back!!"
  • "Family atmosphere. Help my dog when he had a emergency. Very nice people and very affordable."
    Joe D.
  • "Love that they care for my babies"


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