Pet Wellness Program

Animal Care Clinic offers a new approach to veterinary care that is inclusive. Our Wellness Program focuses on preventive medicine focused on your pet's unique lifestyle. Our patients are evaluated appropriately on the basis of factors such as species, breed age, and environmental challenges. First, we provide prevention, food, and medical work-up guidelines appropriate for your dog.

Our job is to inform you about the procedures and medicines that are particularly useful to your dog. This allows us to make our recommendations more flexible and gives you more control over the health care of your pets.

The Wellness Program focuses on the annual health examination. Every year your dog should undergo a thorough physical examination and age-appropriate ancillary medications (such as blood pressure monitoring, infection testing and blood work) to monitor for early disease symptoms.

To participants in the Wellness Program, any annual vaccines required will be issued at the current rates of participants. If necessary, more advanced diagnostics will be recommended for patients with health-related concerns. More regular re-evaluations for animals with ongoing illness will most likely become important.


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