The Best 5 Pets For Kids

At Animal Care Clinic we take care of family pets from households all over Inkster, Dearborn, Wayne, and many other surrounding areas. As a clinic which prides itself in being family friendly, we have decided to put together this list for parents in Dearborn, Wayne, and Inkster so that parents looking to get their child a companion can know the best options for their child.

5. Fish

Fish are a great beginner pet for many families. While some species of fish do require special care, there are many types of fish that are very low maintenance and are still fun for kids to have around.

Betta fish in particular are one of the best starter pets for children as they require minimal care and are adapted to living in isolation. Many betta fish don’t even require aerators, heaters, filters or chemicals.


4. Birds

Birds can be amazing pets for young children. While they do require more care than a fish does, they are also a much more interactive pet that a child can develop a closer bond with.

There are many different types of birds with many different types of needs. Some are more intelligent, so they require more stimulation. Other birds are more social, so they will need another feathered friend to keep them company.

A great starter bird for kids is the parakeet. Parakeets are relatively inexpensive and isn’t as intelligent as birds like cockatiels and cockatoos, meaning they don’t need as much attention.

3. Hamsters

As is true with most small mammals, hamsters are relatively pretty easy to raise. Being such small creatures, they don’t take up a lot of space in the house and their care is generally straightforward.

Hamsters are creatures who generally prefer to live in a solitary environment, helping keep costs and effort required to take care of them lower. That combined with their cute, fuzzy appearance makes hamsters a favorite pet for many families.


2. Cats

Kittens are loved by children the world over. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re cute, intelligent and amazing companions.

Cats are more independent creatures than dogs are, which is perfect for families where someone can’t always be home due to work or school. However, this doesn’t mean cats don’t need as much care. Just like dogs, cats require regular veterinary checkups and immunizations.

If you are a family near Dearborn, Wayne or Inkster with a cat, take a look at our pet wellness programs for regular checkups and immunizations for your pet.


1. Dogs


As corny as it is to say, there’s a reason why dogs have been awarded the moniker “man’s best friend”. Dogs are cuddly, loving, and energetic pets that will both bond with your child and keep them entertained for years.

However, not all dog breeds are great choices for children. Some breeds need greater levels of attention and exercise that can be hard to balance while raising a kid. Some of the best breeds to have around kids are Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and beagles.

Puppies require the most work out of any pet on this list. They need to be housebroken, exercise daily and have to get regular veterinary visits and immunizations. If you are a family who is looking for a pet care clinic, take a look at our pet wellness programs for regular checkups and immunizations for your pet.

If you are looking for a veterinary clinic by Inkster, Wayne or Dearborn contact us at Animal Care Clinic, where your pet will be our number one priority. We have a welcoming, kid-friendly atmosphere and Dr. Reza Afshari is a licensed MI veterinarian who will give your pet the best of care.  Our clinic welcomes and has experience with pets of all types from all over Detroit.


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