Top 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Vet

So, you just got yourself a new pet. Maybe you have a cute little puppy, a fluffy kitty, or a pretty bird.  You’re happy with your new baby and you know that you are going to love your new pet from now until the end of time. Part of loving your pet until the end of time is making sure that your pet receives top notch medical care. So, what are some things you should look for when picking a vet?

Check The Google Reviews

The internet has provided us with the most powerful tool to check out any businesses. Being able to see reviews from anyone who has been there before. This goes for vet care as well. If you wanted to check the reviews for any vet near you or any vet in the Wayne, Dearborn or Inkster areas then you can give them a quick search and get a very honest reflection of their services. 


Ask Pet Owners In The Area About The Vet

Before Google reviews, the only way to get a sense of a business was through reputation. Good word of mouth gives you an idea of the vet’s relationship with their clients and how they will treat your animal. This does require a bit more work as if you wanted to find a vet near Dearborn or Wayne for instance, then you have to seek out people who live in Dearborn. Whereas if you were looking for a vet near you then you would just have to ask people in your area.

Research Specialty Care

While all pets are loved equally, they might not all require the same type of care. Certain pets require specialty attention. If you have one of those pets just searching for the nearest vet may not be the best thing for you. If you live in Dearborn and a specialty vet is in Inkster or Wayne, then you are better off to travel a little bit further to ensure that your pet gets the care they deserve.

Check Hours Of Operation

Everyone has a busy schedule these days. So, making sure that your vet has opening hours that are conducive with your schedule is massively important. Even the best vet ever isn’t useful to you if they aren’t available when you are. If you are seeing a vet in Wayne, but a vet in Dearborn works better for your schedule then you are much better off to make sure that you go there instead.

What Is The Office’s Environment Like?

What’s the feeling inside your vet’s office? Do they seem like they really care about your animal, or are they a bit more cold and clinical? If you have a child, is your vet’s office kid friendly?  How are you treated by the staff? These are all things that are important when putting your mind at ease while putting your pet in the care of a vet. It might take you some time but exploring the atmosphere of a vets office will help you feel better about you and your pets’ experience.

Does This Fit My Budget?

It is always important to find a vet that gives you the best bang for the buck, more bounce for the ounce 😊. Making sure that you call before and ask to see roughly how much does this service cost. Additionally, if you do go to the clinic, do they give you an invoice before commencing on their treatment. Some clinics have ridiculous prices which can be heart breaking because they are using their costumers to make more money. It is hard to find an honest vet sometimes; they want to overcharge you with services that your pet does not need. At Animal Care Clinic we strive to give you the best experience and knowledge for the price that is affordable and reasonable. We value honesty and transparency with our clients. Our vet values your time and money and proceeds to treating your pet as if it was his. We understand that in these hard times we have to be reasonable and take care of each other.  

If you are looking for a vet by Inkster, Wayne or Dearborn contact us at Animal Care Clinic, where your pet will be our number one priority. We have a welcoming, kid-friendly atmosphere and Dr. Reza is a licensed MI veterinarian who will give your pet the best of care.  Our clinic welcomes and has experience with pets of all types from all over Detroit.

Welcome to the Animal Care Clinic Family – Hope you will enjoy your time.

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